My name is DJ Y alias JY. Welcome on my new homepage. Here you can find all informations about my mashups, my videos, and all around my passion for music and dj-ing. Have a nice travel. Oh, those photos were taken at Bootie Paris in 2009. That was certainly one of my best gig ever. 

Moby posted my mashup with him and Adele (called "Extreme Ways In The Deep" ) about five times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram since 2011. And November, 19th 2021 he tagged me properly on Instagram. my life is complete.

Check the "references" section for more (awesome) details.

A mashup between Muse "Psycho" and The Doors "Roadhouse Blues" .

A mashup between "Orelsan - Basique" and "Blur - Song 2" .

A mashup between "Massive Attack - Paradise Circus" and "Lana Del Rey - Video Games" .

A mashup between "Harry Styles - Watermelon Sugar" and "Jamiroquai - Alright" .

My other newest mashups: