"ASSIMILATION THEORY" is an album project resulting from an idea of the bootlegger, remixer and mashup artist Dunpoofin' (Scotland) which consists in producing audio mashups of songs from the latest MUSE album SIMULATION THEORY. The mashup artists involved in this project - all of them being Muse fans - come from all over the world : Dunproofin' (Scotland), DJ Y alias JY (Germany / France), HyperZyle (UK), oki (Netherlands), Rudec (Portugal), Smashcolor (USA), Titus Jones (USA) and ToToM (France).

The result is a melting-pot of improbable tracks where Muse is mixed with Britney Spears, Billie Eilish, The Police, Lady Gaga, Foster The People, Black Sabbath or even Busta Rhymes among much more other sources. Each track on the album has its own mashup, sometimes even two different mashups depending on the inspiration. The songs have been meticulously mastered to have the best possible audio quality and to guarantee listening comfort throughout the whole album, as well as the bonus disc companion named "Alternative Reality", made of choice cuts from each participant's back catalog.

Some of the bootleggers involved also edited mashup videos of their own track(s), they're visible on the dedicated website and the respective website of each producer.

released June 18, 2021
Album concept and art direction by Dunproofin'
Artwork by Titus Jones
Web design by PomDeter

Final Mastering, Encoding, Tagging and Bandcamp profile by ToToM

The album can be downloaded from the dedicated website.

I have also made videos for my tracks, visible below or on my Youtube channel.

Thanks to : Muse for the music, PomDeter, Adriana A, Jupiter Gatling and the Bootie crew, Tim B, Aggro1 and, of course, all producers involved - we urge you to check their respective websites below if you liked what you heard - :

Dunproofin' : dunproofin.com
DJ Y alias JY : checkdissout.jimdofree.com
HyperZyle : sowndhaus.audio/profile/hyperzyle
oki : sowndhaus.audio/profile/oki
Rudec : sowndhaus.audio/profile/rudec
Smashcolor : sowndhaus.audio/profile/smashcolor
Titus Jones : www.titusjones.com/mashups
ToToM : totom.bandcamp.com

Also, if you want to take it further, check out the very most important resources for mashups nowadays :

Sowdnhaus : sowndhaus.audio/explore/popular
Bootie Mashup : bootiemashup.com/blog/
Radio Clash Podcast : www.radioclash.com
The Bootleg Archive : bootleg.radioclash.com



Gimme More Pressure (DJ Y alias JY)

Muse - Pressure
Britney Spears - Gimme More

The Massive Dark Side (DJ Y alias JY)

Muse - The Dark Side

(Alternative Version)
Massive Attack - Atlas Air

Natural Propaganda (DJ Y alias JY)

Muse - Propaganda

Imagine Dragons - Natural