- Bits & Pretzels, official "La French Tech Munich Party" 2022, 2023 (Munich)
- OPTI 2021, 2023 and 2024 Welcome DJ (9 hour sets) - GHM, Messe München (Munich)
- Halli Galli Drecksound Guest DJ (Munich)

- Bootie Munich Resident DJ

- Bootie Paris Resident DJ
- Official Football World Cup 2018 DJ for the public viewing (3500 people) @ Nockherberg Munich (Finale FRA / CRO)

- Matuschke’s Lieblingstour Aftershow Guest-DJ 2012 (Radio Bayern 3)

- Host and organizer of the monthly French Kiss Parties  @ Club Regency & Salon Erna (Munich) 1996 - 2007

- M (Matthieu Chedid) - live in Munich / After-Show DJ

- Ariane Cross / Arianespace (Berlin)

- Fête de la Musique (Erlangen)

- Fête de la Musique (Munich)

- Kick Ass (Würzburg)

- Lange Nacht der Musik (Munich)

- Gone Underground Film Premiere (Munich)

- KirchGruppe / Pro7 Christmas parties , DJ-ing with Harald Schmitt, Fritz Egner and Fred Kogel  (Munich)

- Night Art Premiere (Munich)

- French Disco / Sudclub / Alte Mälzerei / Gloria Regensburg (Germany)

- Tour de France-Party Resident DJ (Munich) 2007 - 2017


Regular clients:

- Brunata / Metrona (Munich)
- XING Events (Munich)
- Sandoz (Munich)

- Air France Tour Operator (Munich)

- GHM (Gesellschaft für Handwerksmessen München)

- Siemens Financial Services (Munich)

- Diakonie Jugendhilfe Bayern (München)

- Ortmannteam (München)

- Cisco Systems (Germany)

- European Patent Office (Munich)

- Deutsche Bank (Munich)

- Compagnons du Beaujolais (Munich)

Recht auf Remix - interview

Moby / Adele mashup : Charts in France - article

Serge Gainsbourg mashups: Charts in France - article

The Anti-Hit List (The Toronto Star) - article

25.03.2022 -
Massive Attack liked my tweet about my mashup with Paradise Circus Vs. Video Games (Lana Del Rey) . This was such a big surprise, because I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Massive Attack.

27.07.2019 (Nyon, Paleo Festival 2019) –

Stephan Eicher and DJ Zebra played my mashup "déjeuner en punk" LIVE at the Paleo Music Festival in Nyon (Switzerland), the biggest musical festival in this country. Amazing!
Thanks Paleo for the video.

My original mashup (Stephan Eicher vs. Daft Punk) :

08.02.2011 (USA) / 24.02.2011 (Germany) –

Adam Sandler's new movie « Just Go With It » is released by Sony Pictures. Adam Sandler himself heard my mashup « Can’t Stand Beggin' » (The Police Vs. Madcon) on vacancy in Spain. After it, Sony Pictures asked me to remaster it and released it officially as a part of the movie soundtrack. Success! 

20.12.2012 –

Matuschke (Radio Bayern 3) selects my mashup « Sunny, Happy, Easy – Part 2) as « Mashup Of The Year 2012 » in his radio show.

07.09.2012 –

Cro and his music label Chimperator Prod. tweet the official Cro mashup album « MAOP », I produced two tracks for it ( + bonus track) . Click on the cover to listen

09.06.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « DNA (Bite Hard) » mashup on Facebook: « my song « DNA » goes Franz Ferdinand, thanks mr DJ Y alias JY for another great mashup!! #‎dna #‎franzferdinand » . Click on the cover to listen

02.03.2011 –

Moby likes my « Extreme Ways In The Deep » mashup: « I like a good mashup » and posts it on his homepage, on Facebook and Twitter.

03.03.2011 –

 Moby reposts my « Extreme Ways In The Deep » mashup on his homepage, on Facebook and Twitter saying: « i just cant get over how much i like this. i actually like it more than the original version of ‘extreme ways’. kudos to adele and the dj who put this together » . It went viral and boosted my number of fans on my Facebook page.

15.11.2011 –

Moby tweets my mashup « Extreme Ways In The Deep » with a Youtube link: « i still don’t know who did this, but it’s so good! »
14.11.2021 -
Moby uploads fo the fourth time my mashup with him and Adele on Instagram (and tags me!) with this comment: "amazing mash-up by jive.diss..extreme ways in the deep" . And it goes viral again.
16.11.2021 -
Moby uploads fo the fifth time my mashup with him and Adele on Facebook with this comment: "I don’t know who exactly did this mash-up, but it’s amazing..extreme ways in the deep" . And it goes viral again.

Click on the cover to listen

31.07.2012 –

Universal Music Germany releases my « Summertime Madness » mashup (Lana Del Rey Vs. Kool and The Gang) as a Promo-Tool (Jazzmoon, Mondmann’s Promotion Pool) for Lana Del Rey’s new single "Summertime Sadness" . Mondmann told me in an e-mail that she really loves it. 

25.09.2013 –

Milow tweets my mashup « Milow Blacc » twice (Youtube video): « Apparently my guitar part for my ‘Ayo Technology’ cover blends very well with Avicii & Aloe Blacc’s ‘Wake Me Up' » .

25.03.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « Friedberg Sadness » mashup on Facebook and Twitter: « wow, thank you so much « DJ Y alias JY » for this great mashup!! LANA DEL REY – « summertime sadness » feat. ANNA F.-« friedberg »…. love it!!!  »

15.05.2014 –

Anna F. posts my « Friedberg Sadness » mashup (Youtube link from her Youtube channel) on Facebook: «  »Lana Del Rey / Anna F. – Friedberg Sadness » i´m so happy about this mashup… really love it!! »

This mashup has been cleared and authorized by the management of Lana Del Rey and Anna F. Success! 

07.04.2013 –

-M- (Matthieu Chedid) retweets my « -M- im Kopf » mashup I made for his aftershow party (concert in Munich): « BRILLIANT » !

02/03.2014 –

The band Touch And Go retweeted about 8 times my mashup "Happy (Would You?) " with Touch And Go Vs. Pharrell Williams.

- BBC Radio 1 The Chris Moyles Show (UK)

- BBC Radio 1 / A.Skillz Dj Set (UK)
- Radio 3 / RNE (Spain)
- Oui FM (France)

- Virgin Radio (France)

- Le Mouv’ (France)

- France Bleu (France)
- RTL2 (France)
- Radio C (Luxembourg)

- Pure FM (Belgium)

- Radio Contact (Belgium)

- Power FM (Turkey)

- Indie 103.1 (USA / Los Angeles)

- dc101 (USA / Washington DC)

- Klassik Radio (Germany)

- Bayern 2 / Zündfunk (Germany)

- Bayern 3 / Mashup Night (Germany)

 -Bayern 3 / Kultnacht (Germany)

- Bayern 3 / Matuschke (Germany)
- Radio Lora 92.4 / Mashup Special interview (Germany)

- Ego FM (Germany)

- WDR Funkhaus Europa (Germany)

- Iloveradio (Germany)

- Radio Campus Paris (France)

- Radio PFM (France)

- Maxxhits Bootlegs (France)

- Radio U (France)

- Radio Leipzig (Germany)

- Radio Milwaukee (USA)

Deluxe Music TV (Music Videos)

3 sat – Die Pixelmacher (Interview)

Bayerischer Rundfunk – Freitag Auf’d Nacht